Landscaping Services

As we enter into a relationship with our clients, we want to achieve several things:

  • Create a friendly, trusting, and creative atmosphere
  • Build a relationship that will last through the years
  • Establish likes, dislikes, and a wish list
  • Advise on the best solutions for your needs
  • Incorporate our ideas along with your needs and desires
  • Create the best possible plan for you

We listen to all your ideas, take inventory of the site, and note changes, concerns, and budgets. After all the information is gathered, we start to develop the design.

Landscape Enhancement Services

Landscape Enhancement Improves Property Value

As North Texas landscapes age, renovation and enhancement are often necessary to improve the appearance and maintain the value of a property. Our Account Management experts will review your property often. Building entries, driveways, monument signs, and streetscapes are critical to the visual appeal and value of your property. Our artistic landscape designs create curb appeal. We concentrate on ways to solve specific challenges. We share your concern about potential safety, security, and liability concerns.

Sustainable Landscapes Conserve Water

flower bedOur expert recommendations take into account today’s emphasis on water conservation and sustainable landscapes.

Water Efficient Landscaping

At BKL, we share your concern for water usage and consumption. From the beginning we have been involved in the design and implementation of water efficient landscaping. Our irrigation solutions provide for the most efficient use of water and longevity of your trees, grasses, shrubs and flowers.


BKL has installed millions of square feet of all types of sod for apartment homes, commercial properties and residential complexes — from side yard turf replacement to complete lawn renovations.  BKL provides the ground work for the sod plant to be successful after installation. There is more to installing sod than “green side up.

We are a turn-key operation; we remove the existing vegetation and install soil to fill in low spots if needed. Organic compost top dressing is recommended, providing a place to set down roots and grow. Our licensed irrigation technicians raise or lower irrigation heads +/-  up to 1/2″ to accommodate the changes if needed. We install sod, roll in the sod, apply the first watering, clean up, and haul off the debris. If variance is required for watering, BKL will provide the request, however, we can’t guarantee the variance. We will supply you with a recommended watering schedule to get the sod off and growing.

We use top quality suppliers of sod and soil products to ensure your sod starts off on the root! Minimum orders apply.

Lawn renovation from Bermuda to shad tolerant St. Augustine
Lawn renovation from Bermuda to shade-tolerant St. Augustine

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