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Every project is special, especially yours. Landscape design starts with an idea, a mental picture, a desire, a dream… your dream! Enthusiasm, expectation, and the desire to be completed yesterday, is how every design process begins.

house and yardWe are a full-service landscape design firm offering the latest in design trends,  as well as an understanding of sustainable landscaping principles. Bill Kennedy Landscape makes the process of creating a sustainable landscape a pleasure. Whether you have a large commercial property or a multifamily residential property, we’ll work with you to achieve your goals. Our designer will assist and guide you through your project, from concept to completion. In addition to traditional landscape design services, we offer Texas native designs and restoration design, LEED certification and planning, landscape management plans and more.

Sustainability, is not a lifestyle — it’s our future, and a sustainable landscape is for everyone. Sustainable doesn’t mean just rocks and cactus. A sustainable landscape saves water, money, and labor. It’s easy to live with, better for the environment, offers a food source for wildlife, and reduces energy consumption and the use of supplemental irrigation. Sustainable landscapes are affordable, beautiful,  and good for us and our environment. Sustainable landscapes work, demand little, look great, and give back. If your landscape isn’t sustainable, you could be wasting money, water and effort.  We’re out to change how Texans think about landscape. We can help you to achieve, and go beyond, sustainability. Let us design your new landscape for you and with you!

No supplemental irrigation needed, low maintenance.
No supplemental irrigation needed, low maintenance


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