Irrigation Repair and Drip Irrigation

Irrigation Repair Services

  • Adjust heads for proper spray
  • Broken, leaking heads
  • Broken pipes
  • Clogged nozzles
  • Controllers: programing, upgrades, ET controllers, smart controllers
  • Correct dry spots in the yard and wasted water
  • Cut wires
  • Damaged controllers
  • Drip repair
  • Irrigation won’t shut off
  • Leak repair, broken pipes
  • Misaligned heads
  • Nozzle replacement
  • Replace rain/freeze sensors
  • System checkup and tune-up
  • Valve repair or replacement
Missing head
Missing Head

System Checkup and Tune-Up

To keep your system in top shape and reduce water waste it’s important to review your system for:

  • Misaligned heads putting water in all the wrong places
  • Clean out clogged nozzles
  • Adjust heads for proper spray patterns
  • Check for leaks, dry spots and coverage issues
  • Locate broken heads, bad valves
  • Provide schedules for watering times for controller
  • Changes in the landscape can block heads

Irrigation System Upgrades and Drip Systems

Make the change to smart water technology by converting standard sprays to efficient drip irrigation. With drip irrigation, water is targeted to the plant and at a much lower rate than overhead spray. Older systems need attention, and you may want to consider a change to better, more water-efficient technology.

  • Conversion from overhead spray to efficient drip — drip is 95% efficient and is exempt from most watering restrictions
  • Smart Controllers are accessible from desktops, tablets and smart phones — use your smart phone as the controller and make changes to your irrigation from anywhere
  • ET managers and smart controllers are efficient and exempt from many watering restrictions
  • Upgrading to central controls for larger systems notifies water managers of trouble
  • Weather stations
  • Redesign of existing system to eliminate dry areas, improve efficiency, accommodate changes to flower beds & other landscape features
  • Cap off lines and re-route for new pools
95% Efficient Drip Irrigation
95% Efficient Drip Irrigation

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Irrigation in Texas is regulated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). We are licensed (TCEQ #LI15690), and all irrigation installation will strictly adhere to TCEQ rules and regulations.

> For more information: TCEQ, MC-178, P.O. Box 13087, Austin, Texas 78711-3087 | Web: