Getting the Landscape Ready for Spring:

Tools: cleanup and sharpen.  We oil moving parts, sharpen blades and replace worn parts, tighten screws, tape up the handles.  Most high quality tools offer replacement blades for by-pass pruners and loppers, even some hand held options.  Check the manufactures web-site for replacement parts.  Taking good care of well-made tools will provide a lifetime of… read more

Forgot the Roses?

Valentine’s Day Roses Maybe he didn’t get your roses, or maybe, he didn’t remember to get you anything for Valentine’s day!  Let him know; It’s ok………really!  Let him  make it up to you………….in the garden or hire us for cleanup we’ll make him pay!  Grab the by-pass pruners, loppers, rakes and bags. Take out some… read more

Don’t Take It Serious

Oh, wow, I don’t like rose snobs………..So what, if the garden center girl doesn’t know what a Hybrid Rose is?  The rose to end all roses for the past 15 years is the Knock Out® it needs little care, no chemicals, cold tolerant, and most importantly is prolific at producing flowers. What’s not to like… read more

Landscape in Winter

Snow, cold and winds up to 30 MPH winds…….does not make one think of landscape.  Except me! With nothing to do but sit  and wait for the weather to clear, while BKL installer count, clean  and repair tools. I’m thinking of color combinations for spring: greens, violets, reds and yellows, my color chart is in… read more

February Landscape Cleanup Duties

February to do list, like you need to be told what to do, but, really, the landscape will perform better if we get this work completed: Pre-Emergent to the lawn to prevent new weeds, does not attack existing, add post-emergent for existing.  St. Augustine grass apply fertilizer for strong root growth like a 5-10-31 with… read more

Prepare the Lawn Now for Spring, with Fertilizer and Pre-Emergent!

I noticed something in my headlights this morning ; green grass!  Under the brown of winter, is green.  Yep, it’s starting.  The green, green grass of home is popping out all over.  Spring is on the way, and now is the time to prepare the lawn for the hot days of summer. We’ll be mowing… read more

Container Planting and Planning

Spring planning for changes to the Containers: I have enjoyed composing seasonal plantings in pots for north Texas for the past several years, and it’s all about what works with our weather and makes our client happy.  We create, the plants compete for space and it must be easy to maintain.  When it grows it… read more