Backyard Lawn Service Request

Rates for backyard mows are $10 per service, plus applicable sales tax. Billing is once per month, and we invoice the last week of the month. Invoices are due on receipt. BKL accepts all major credit cards, and we use a secure payment portal emailed directly to you.

To set up your service, contact us with your information using the form below. We will need your home/service address, billing address, contact phone and email address (all invoices are sent by email). If there are special instructions regarding the lawn, please let us know. You can reach us via email at, or call us on our phone 972-398-3782 the old fashioned way.

Locked backyards:  If you like to keep your backyard locked, we provide a combination lock at no charge to you, and we provide you with the combination.  That way we have access, and you will not have to remember to unlock. We are serious about locks — if we do not have a combo lock and the gate is locked, we will skip your service. We do not try to contact you, and we will not knock on the door — we just skip the service.

Weather:  We will keep your service on the same day of the week — exceptions are weather. Sometimes we can service the following day after a weather event, and sometimes we must wait for the next week before service is available. At this time, our service days for backyards are Wednesday and Thursday. We will tighten up our schedule after a few weeks of service, when we have found the most efficient way to provide your services. Then our teams are like clockwork, and our services are around the same time every week, although there can be anomalies like a flat tire, a machine that will not start, traffic, etc.

Pets:  We love pets, but your pet may not love us! Please keep your pets inside on service days. We generally will skip service if your pet is outside. Our teams are careful about locking and closing gates, although we cannot guarantee we will not make a mistake. Please, use extra caution to take a moment and double check the gate after our service to ensure your beloved pet cannot escape. Also, take a moment to ensure items are picked up off the lawn please.

Notes:  We work very fast when we service. If you feel your service was missed or it did not get the attention it should have, please let us know. We will work very hard to make certain we live up to yours and to the community’s expectations.

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