The Importance of Mowing

We’re ask frequently; how often to mow, aside from our experience that indicates a frequently mowed lawn, looks better, is more healthy, and has fewer weeds.  We’ve done our research too, reviewing scores of articles written by the leading experts who spend many hours reviewing the data about how grass grows (we prefer to rely on their research versus watching the grass grow) How often to mow turf grass?  The experts in Turf quality from the Turf program at Texas A&M to the Penn State program for Turf; if you want to achieve a healthier and better quality turf, the experts recommend mowing frequently, at a lower height.  Do not remove more than a 1/3rd of the grass blade during mowing.  Bermuda prefers from ½” to 11/2 inches for some hybrids with St. Augustine longer 2 ½ to 3 inches.  The shorter mowing heights, the more often you’ll need to mow.  There are hundreds of university papers written on the subject, many a learned person has studied the growing of grass and how to improve its condition.  Millions of dollars are spent on the research as to the care and feeding of grass.  Careers are made on how green and weed free a fairway is.

Turf experts recommend leaving grass clippings and do not bag; the clippings put nutrients back into the soil as they decompose (exception during a fungal outbreak).  Here in our little corner of the world that translates to mowing in the early and late season a minimum of every other week, BUT, when the grass start growing when the  the days are longer, and the sun is warmer, weekly, at a minimum.

Another problem the lawn has when mowed less frequently; grass that is too long, leaves more of the blade, taking longer to decompose, will typically create unsightly clumps, and older non-decomposing clippings could lead to diseases, fungal problems and thatch.

There is an old saying “one year’s seeds…………seven years weeds”.  Words to live by if you don’t want weeds in the lawn, some weeds produce 250,000 seeds, spread by; animals, birds, humans, mowing, pets, and wind.   Weeds are successful and prolific plants, don’t give them a chance, mow often to rid the lawn of the seed head. Weeds allowed to produce seed heads are a constant battle in turf.

There are skeptics who don’t believe in mowing weekly, we talk with them often, however, in our experience this group of skeptics are responsible for mowing their own lawn and/or need to reduce the budget, we appreciate budgets are a concern, we don’t and won’t hold it against we offer every other week mowing in season at this time, however if you’re fussy about your lawn, weekly mowing in season you’ll be happier with the condition of your lawn:   it promotes a healthier turf, and helps to control the weed population too.