Fall the perfect season

Plumbago, Salvia and YuccaI think flowers look their best in the fall season, maybe it’s the light in the change of the season.  But, the Plumbago is more purple, the Bouganvillea and Salvia are deeper reds, and the grass is greener.  Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  We have Butterfly’s still visiting the flowers daily and Hummingbirds!

A lot of work happens in the fall when it comes to caring for the lawn and landscape;

  1. prepare the lawn for the winter dormant season with fertilizers
  2. apply pre and post emergent to lawns
  3. trim shrubs
  4. remove damaged limbs, branches
  5. over seed with cool season grasses
  6. change out seasonal flowers
  7. weed beds and apply bed pre-emergent
  8. mulch beds to hold moisture and reduce temperature fluctuations
  9. apply top dressing to lawns
  10. aerate the lawn to improve air and water movement