Be bold, be brave, trim back

For our area now through mid February is the time to trim most types of  overgrown shrubs with little to no damage and possibly improve the plants health.    

Most shrubs will have increased vigor after trimming.  Start by removing dead limbs, then work on improving shape,  and if your fearless cut back to your desired height!  Don’t select a hedge row unless you’re committed to possible removal, (sever pruning can kill).  

Leave spring blooming shrubs until after blooming.  Select shrubs that have lost their vigor.  Remove crossing and/or rubbing branches, branches that touch the house or other plants, remove.   Open up the plant from the center to maximize light penetration use thinning cuts. Prune back what  touches the ground and suckers. 

Use the right tool for the job too; it should be sharp, large enough to cut cleanly through the branch or stem, if it crushes, the blade is not big enough.  Biggest part of the job now?  Is raking, bagging, bundled clippings and dragging to the curb. 

Apply mulch,  fertilizer, water in fertilizer and wait. 

When the plant comes out of dormancy and you see new growth on an old favorite you know it went well.  

Don’t have the heart to cut back your favorites let us know we’ll tackle your clean up projects.   The service team is regularly trained on proper pruning techniques and we have the right tools for the job.